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Wood Floor Business Magazine Design Award winning floor by Integrity Floors. The photo shows a wood stairwell and wood floor of warm tones. The wood floor has a geometric star design in the center of the floor.


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This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts, technical expertise and brand story with the industry. Become the featured guest on an entire episode with a Podcast Takeover, or sponsor one of our episodes with a midroll sponsor message. With more than 12,800 downloads, All Things Wood Floor is a great way to be heard!

Hosted by wood floor pro, author and popular WFB blogger Stephen Diggins, the podcast features interviews with pros across the country to discuss the ins and outs of hardwood flooring. You’ll hear job site stories, trends, observations and advice on everything from installation to sanding and finishing to business management. The podcast is available on all major podcast apps.

All Things Wood Floor Podcast
All Things Wood Floor podcast meme for the Luis Perez episode. Image includes a photo of host Stephen Diggins, guest Luis Perez sanding a floor, the podcast logo, and a "Listen Now!" button.
Wood Floor Business Magazine Design Award winning floor by Parque Nobre.
“Reading the articles helps me stay informed and gives me confidence in my work abilities and communication skills. This radiates out in both my work and customer relations.”

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